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Recreational Gymnastics

Our more advanced classes will keep children challenged while they learn more intricate skills.  Children who have shown a mastery of the majority of the previous level’s skills will receive advancements in the mail letting them and their parents know of their accomplishments.  Classes become longer and more physically demanding as athletes progress through the levels. 

The tuition listed below is the amount charged per month for your chosen class.

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The Recreational Gymnastics Program at The Ohio Gymnastics Institute is fun, challenging, and safe.  Classes are designed for school age children who are 6 years of age and up. Classes are separated into Boy’s and Girl’s Gymnastics Classes. We also offer four different skill levels to suit the needs of every child interested in learning Gymnastics.  Our highly trained staff and 12 week rotating curriculum will continually bring new challenges as well as further develop and master the basic skills needed to be successful and safe in the sport of gymnastics.

Novice Level


Each child enrolled in the recreational program automatically becomes a part of the National Gymnastics Skills Test Program (NGSTP) - a skill acquisition program taught in a non-competitive and encouraging environment.  

The NGSTP challenges each gymnast to learn 50 skills in each level of class.  Students' names are placed on a wall chart along with the names of skills to master.  Each time a student masters a skill a staff member places a sticker to record the student's accomplishments. 

Once 80% of skills in a level have been mastered, the student is awarded their advancement to the next level.  Once a student masters 100% of the skills, the student is awarded a trophy to commemorate the accomplishment during our one of a kind Celebration Ceremony. 

Students and parents can use the NGSTP charts to help monitor progress, identify weaknesses and establish goals for the future.

Intermediate Level

Beginner level

Our entry level class is designed to help each child learn to love and succeed at gymnastics.  This level teaches the building blocks for all gymnastics skills.  Children will be taught on each of their gender specific events as well as plenty of Trampoline and Tumble Track time.  For girls:  Vaulting, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise will each be practiced.  For boys:  Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vaulting, Parallel Bars, and Horizontal Bar.  Each Class is one hour long, and meets once a week.

*Children with prior gymnastics experience from other gymnastics programs should choose to schedule an evaluation before starting in the beginner class level.

The tuition listed below is the amount charged per month for your chosen class.