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Our Gymnastics Equipment

1. Floor Ex / Tumbling

  1. 42’ X 42’ Carpeted Spring Floor Exercise area
  2. 10’ X 60’ Carpeted Spring Tumbling Strip (dismounts into loose foam pit)
  3. 30’ X 40’ Carpeted Spring Tumbling area #2

2. Pommel Horse

  1. Two Regulation Pommel Horses
  2. Four Regulation Mushrooms
  3. Two Floor Mushrooms
  4. Two Floor Pommel Horses
  5. One Buck Horse

3. Still Rings

  1. Two Regulation Ring Towers
  2. Two Ceiling Rings
  3. Overhead spotting suspension

4. Vaulting

     1. Three Vaulting Runways

               1. One dismounts into loose foam pit

               2. One dismounts onto regulation landing area

               3. One dismounts onto elevated Resi Pit

     2. Two Vaulting Tables

     3. Two Vaulting Boxes

     4. One Vaulting Buck

     5. Ten Vaulting Boards

     6. Safety zone and Yurchenko mats

5. Parallel Bars

  1. Three Regulation Parallel Bars
  2. Two Parallet Training Bars

6. Horizontal Bar

  1. One above in ground Resi Pit – dismounting into loose foam pit
  2. One Regulation with standard landing surface
  3. One adjustable / strap bar
  4. Overhead spotting suspension

7. Uneven Parallel Bars

  1. One regulation set above in ground Resi Pit – dismounting into Resi Pit
  2. Two regulation competition bars
  3. Two single rail training bars – one above Resi Pit dismounting into Loose Foam Pit
  4. One recreational training bar

8. Balance Beam

  1. Five regulation 16’ balance beams
  2. Four  16’ long floor balance beams

               1.Three in main gym area
               2.One in Jungle Gym Area
               3.One dismounting into loose foam pit

    3.  Eight 8’ long floor training beams

So many fun activities - so many pieces of equipment - never any waiting for turns.

Our Jungle Gym students love our four in-ground trampolines! They are safe, just right for their size and FUN!

Lots of challenging fun activities for your children to climb on, slide down, crawl through, jump over, swing - well, you get the idea.

Our Jungle Gym is always clean, always comfortable, and definitely fun.  

The Ohio Gymnastics Institute facilities are AMAZING! Over 22,000 square feet provide plenty of room for over 190 training stations.  The clean, bright and well ventilated area is a joy for those new to gymnastics as well as seasoned veterans. A great deal of thought and preparation has gone into the development of each aspect of the building from the large, clean bathrooms to the birthday party room and Pro Shop.

Observation is encouraged and there is plenty of room for parents,  grandparents, brothers and sisters as well as friends to watch any class, any time.  Free WiFi is available and there is always fresh coffee to enjoy with friends while watching your children having fun, learning and getting fit.

Our Facilities

9. Trampolines

  1. Three floor level Regulation trampolines
  2. Four floor level preschool age trampolines

10. Tumble Track

  1. One 40’ X 8’ floor level dismounting into loose foam pit
  2. One 20’ X 8’ floor level

11. Skill Training Devices

  1. Six Backhandspring Training Aids
  2. Four Overhead Spotting Devices
  3. Eight incline mats
  4. Three trapezoid boxes
  5. Balance Beam tumbling cushions

12. Dance area

  1. Ballet Bars
  2. Mirrors
  3. Dance Floor area

13. Strength Areas

  1. Gymnastics Specific

               1. Three Climbing Ropes
               2. Chin up bars
               3. Free weights / ankle weights / weight belts
               4. ix Medicine balls
               5. Six therapy balls
               6. 25 + jump ropes
               7. Assorted strengthening bands

14. Jungle Gym Preschool area

  1. Two PS Vaulting areas
  2. One Climbing rope area
  3. One Rope Climbing Ladder
  4. Two PS Bar Areas
  5. Four Cheese Wedges
  6. Two Donuts
  7. One Octagon
  8. Two Tunnels
  9. Two Trapezoids
  10. One Still Ring Area
  11. Three Balance Beam areas
  12. Four in-ground trampolines designed for the preschool aged child
  13. Two tumbling areas 40’ X 20’
  14. One tumble track 8’ X 20’