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Open Gyms are designed as supervised recreational practice times. Instructors are present to help participants master skills. Even though it is not like our regular class schedule which is an instructional period with lesson plans and a curriculum, plenty of teaching & learning is going on. There is time for play, but most students use the time to work on mastering new and challenging skills. Not every one of our training stations are open at all times during open gym, but there is never any standing around waiting for turns. Please see the Policy Statement below and recognize that these policies are in place to maintain safety for your children.


Athletes may arrive for check in at 6:45 PM and check in will close at 7:30PM. Once checked in head out to the observation area. While in the observation area:

-put on your wrist band

-take off your shoes

-use hand sanitizer

-put all items in your bag (all athletes must have a bag to put all personal items in. We are not using lockers at this time.)

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION IN ALL OPEN GYM TIMES - call 330-652-4386 to register over the phone. You may register for an Open Gym up to two weeks in advance. Credit card payments must be completed by 4:00PM on Friday. Only cash payments will be accepted at the door. All participants must have a standard Registration form or an Open Gym Registration form on file with the office in order to participate. 

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Prices: Member/ Non-members
Open Gym Times
 Fridays 7:00-8:30PM
Preschool Open Gym$10.00/$12.001st & 3rd Wednesday of each month 9:45-10:45AM
Adult Open Workout**
Wednesdays 7:30-9:00pm

Open Gym Times


Open Gym Registration forms:
Student (6-18 years old)

Adult (18 & up)

Preschool Open Gym Registration form:

Parent & Child Registration form ( 1-6 years old)

Amateur Athletic Union Registration:
Required Membership


  1. Athletes who are 15 years and older and who are not enrolled in classes at the Ohio Gymnastics Institute must register with the Amateur Athletic Union as an athlete in order to participate. 
  2. Member Prices require a $35.00 per year Annual Registration Fee. 

Open Gym:

In order to maintain a quality experience for our customers we are modifying our Open Gym Policies.  Our primary goal is to maintain a safe, productive environment for our students. REMEMBER: Open Gyms are not designed as an instructional period. Open Gyms are times when participants may work on skills which need to be mastered for the National Gymnastics Skills Test Program, for tryouts, for competition preparation etc.  Open Gym is not a babysitting service, nor a time for personal one-on-one instruction. 

Pre-registration is required to secure your spot and can be made only with the office staff. The number of available spaces is limited based on the number of staff available. We will only accept cash only as payment at the time of Open Gym so we can process payments quickly. Open gym passes may be purchased (in person or over the phone) in advance for those who want to pay with a credit card. All passes must be purchased prior to 4PM on Friday.

  1. Availability: The number of participants in Open Gyms is limited. Participation in Open Gym is available to individuals on a first come first served basis. Pre-Registration is strongly advised.  Students who arrive at the building after our maximum number of allowed participants has been filled will not be allowed to participate.

      2.  Pre-Registered participants may cancel their reservation at any time prior to one hour before the beginning of the Open                            Gym with no penalty. 

      3.  Pre-Registered participants who do not make prior arrangements for arriving to Open Gym late will forfeit their space with no                     refund 15 minutes after Open Gym has begun.

      4.  Pre-Registered “no shows” for any reason will forfeit their space and their payment 15 minutes after Open Gym has begun.

      5.  All Open Gym participants must have an Open Gym Registration Form (new) signed by a parent on file with the Office Staff.

      6.  All Open Gym participants must maintain a standard of behavior conducive to a learning environment such as ours. Arguing,     

           profanity, loud distracting behavior will not be tolerated and may be cause for removal.          

      7.  Participants who use the Open Gym period as a make up for a missed class must also Pre-Register. 

      8. Open Gym times are not included in the Competitive Team fees or “Open Workout Privileges” policy. The Open Workout Privileges           excludes any non-instructional times such as Open Gym, specially-scheduled Birthday Parties and Field Trips. If Competitive    

          Team members wish to participate in Open Gyms they may do so when following the normal Open Gym Pre-Registration