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The Cheerleading Program here at the Ohio Gymnastics Institute has been focusing on helping cheerleaders become their best since 1989!  Competitive Cheerleaders at OGI train on the best equipment with guidance from our amazing staff. We were the first in the Youngstown area (and one of the first in the US) to offer classes dedicated to cheerleading skills and techniques. 

Current Class Schedule

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Beginning Recreational Cheerleading

Here at the Ohio Gymnastics Institute we offer instructional classes which are designed to fit your child's age and skill level. For entry level classes, enroll in our Beginner Cheerleading.  These classes are designed for cheerleaders who have not yet learned their back  handspring and have a limited amount of cheerleading experience.  Classes are one hour long and spend about 75% of their time on tumbling.  Cheerleaders spend the remainder of their class time working on jumps, sideline motions, cadence, presentation, strength, flexibility and stunting.  Lesson plans are designed to allow students to begin at any time during the year.

Novice Recreational Cheerleading

The Novice level of instruction are designed for more advanced students who can already perform both a standing back handspring and a roundoff back handspring without assistance.  These athletes also must demonstrate minimum levels of skills, strength, flexibility.  Classes are designed to improve basics, learn advanced tumbling, improve jumps, strength and flexibility and train more advanced stunting.  ALL CHEERLEADERS AT THESE LEVELS must be able to perform either a standing back handspring or a round off back handspring without assistance prior to enrolling in these advanced classes.