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Competitive Gymnastics

Both our Men’s and Women’s entry level teams attend competitions in the Northeast Ohio Gymnastics League through the Amateur Athletic Union. All competitions are in the Northeast Ohio area and are either held on Saturday evenings or Sundays.

Men’s and Women’s optional level team members (levels 5 and above) compete in competitions throughout the US in the USA Gymnastics program. Our competitive season begins on July 1st with the majority of competitions being held January through May.  

We have 3 opportunities each year called “May Move up Dates” for athletes in our recreational program to be invited into our team program and for our current team members to advance to the next level.

Since 1978 OGI has produced hundreds of athletes that have won state, regional and national titles.  OGI has helped hundreds of athletes not only become successful gymnasts but also to become successful adults.  OGI is home to the only Mahoning Valley athlete, Ronald Ferris, of either gender to compete in the USA Gymnastics National Championships at which he competed 6 times. Ronald is also a 5 time NCAA All American and 2005 NCAA National Champion.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality instruction possible at a level of involvement which is appropriate for a developing child at a price that is fair and reasonable. We want to be the voice of reason and honor in the confusing world of competitive gymnastics and find a happy medium between insane levels of training and training without a purpose. Our highly trained, knowledgeable and caring staff will provide the best opportunities for your athlete in a safe and challenging environment.

Everyone will love training at our clean, comfortable facility. We have state of the art equipment, great coaches and an amazing in ground training pit system which utilizes both loose foam and in ground resi pits. We also have 7 in ground trampolines including a speed bed and 2 in ground tumble tracks. 

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Team OGI's Competitive Program offers you the best training opportunities available in the Youngstown area.

The Ohio Gymnastics Institute has a great competitive team program because we have what every great program needs…fun, friends, hard work, positive motivation, rewards, team work, a dedicated and knowledgeable staff, and MORE FUN! At the Ohio Gymnastics Institute, we offer both Men’s and Women’s competitive team opportunities. For girls we offer precompetitive team, Levels 2-10 and Xcel Silver, Gold and Platinum. For our Boy’s program we offer precompetitive team and Levels 4-10. We have several different levels of training intensities to meet your athlete’s needs and skill level.

Our teams compete very successfully at the local, state, regional and national levels. Partnering with the Positive Coaching Alliance we provide a positive, safe and fun environment for all athletes to learn not only gymnastics but life lessons through sports.