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5701 West Webb Road, Austintown Ohio  44515

OGI Dress Code

Female athletes

  • Required to wear a leotard that covers the torso.  A form fitted t-shirt and/or shorts or leggings may be worn over the the leotard but no zippers, buttons, or snaps will be permitted.
  • Hair shoulder length or longer must be pulled back with an elastic band. 
  • No jewelry, except for 1 pair of stud earrings

Male athletes

  • Required to wear shorts or warm up pants with no zippers, buttons or snaps.  T-shirt should be form fitting.  No baggy clothes.
  • No jewelry, except for 1 pair of stud earrings

Athletes in Ninja & Cheerleading classes should wear their sport specific shoes in class provided that they are NOT worn outdoors and are clean. Athletes should wear other shoes here and then change to sport specific shoes prior to the start of their class.

COVID-19 Protocol

We are all in this together.  We need every family to do their part to practice good hygiene, follow our policies and procedures, and be patient and supportive of our athletes and coaches during this time.  Please work with us and understand that we cannot permit those who do not follow the policies and procedures to be in the gym.


Restrooms/Drinking Fountains​​

  • We encourage you and your child to wash hands and use the restroom prior to and after leaving OGI to the extent possible.
  • Athletes must bring personal hand sanitizers to use prior to entering and before leaving the gym to reduce congestion in restrooms.  Hand sanitizers will also be available out in the gym.
  • Restrooms will be open but lockers and hangers will be closed. There will be no socializing or hanging out in restrooms.
  • We have updated our lobby water fountain to include a bottle filler. Drinking fountains will be closed but our water bottle filler can be used since it is hands free. Athletes will use their personal water bottles.
  • Touchless hand sanitizers have been placed in our lobby and throughout the gym.

Prior to coming to OGI, Athletes and Parents who are Staying to View:

  • Should use the restroom
  • Pack the athlete’s labeled back pack/draw string bag with grips, personal hand sanitizer, labeled water bottle, etc. (see below)
  • Put on a clean pair of socks (to be worn in the gym)
  • Wash their hands
  • A parent must check the athlete for other symptoms of sickness and athlete must stay home if sick.  Parents should not enter the building if they have symptoms.  

Drop Off/Entrance Procedures/Viewing

Jungle Gym (not including Lions) Athletes & Parents

  • Parents and athletes can arrive up to 5 minutes prior to their class time and must leave promptly after their class has ended.
  • Athletes and parents will enter the gym using the main front entrance and exit the gym using the side door in the observation area.
  • Only 1 parent/non participating individual may choose to stay in the building and view their athlete’s class.  

Lions, Girls & Boys Rec, Tramp and Tumble, Ninja, Cheer & Parents

  • Athletes can arrive up to 5 minutes prior to their class time and must leave promptly after their class has ended.
  • Athletes will enter the gym using the left stairway of the new building and exit the gym using the right stairway of the new building.
  • We ask that all recreational parents limit viewing and encourage drop off and pick up at this time.

In the building

  • All athletes are now required to bring a drawstring bag (preferred) or a back pack labeled with their name every time they come to OGI.  In this bag athletes must have:

-a labeled water bottle

-personal hand sanitizer

-grips (if needed)

  • Upon arrival, REC athletes will walk in and take off any extra clothing, shoes and place items in their bag and hang it up on our hooks. Then athletes can sit on the beige carpet area and wait for their class to begin.
  • Upon arrival, Preschool athletes will walk in and find a chair to sit on with parent (if accompanying them). They will take off any extra clothing, shoes and place items in their bag and put on their clean socks.
  • All athletes should use their hand sanitizer prior to starting their class and wait to be called out to class.

Exiting/Home Procedures

  • Parents must be on time for drop off and pick up. Athletes can be dropped off up to 5 minutes prior to the start of their class time at their designated entrances (listed above).
  • At the end of each class JG athletes will be escorted to parents. Rec athletes will be escorted into the new building. They will use their personal sanitizer and put on any clothing needed. They will be walked out of the new building by a staff member for pick up. Please make sure that you are on time for pick up.  Staff will stay for 5 minutes and any athlete not picked up will be taken to the front office to wait for parent.  Athletes will not be allowed to wait in the parking lot without supervision.
  • At home, athletes should change clothing and empty out their drawstring bag.  Clothing and the bag should be washed prior to bringing it back to the gym.​