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Level 2

This class requires previous experience and mastery of several key skills and abilities (advancement from Level 1 or an evaluation).  Members in this class level train more complex skills and sequences and demonstrate amazing skills.  You will recognize this level when you find yourself asking - "How did they do that?"

Parkour Classes

OGI is proud to offer Parkour Classes to the Mahoning Valley.  Parkour is the art of movement.  Learn how to move freely through your environment in a safe fun atmosphere.

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Level 1- Juniors and Seniors

This entry level class provides all the basics needed to get started "Flippin & Flyin."  Our certified and experienced staff provides your children with safe, progressive instruction. 

Our curriculum and lesson plan system guide your children into developing confidence, acquiring new skills and improving their strength and flexibility. 

Athletes use a variety of traditional gymnastics equipment, parkour specific obstacles, trampolines, our loose foam training pits and walls to flip and spin off.  You will love what you see - it is sort of gymnastics, but not quite - and kids and adults of all ages love it!

The tuition listed below is the amount charged per month for your chosen class.